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Family Mediation 

Family Mediation is an alternative to the family court process that can save you not only money and time but can assist you to work out your own tailored parenting and property agreements that work in your families best interests.

You know your children and your family situation better than a judge or court. As your mediator, I provide a flexible and safe  opportunity for all parties to work through the issues that need to be considered when forming parenting or property agreements. 

As a registered practitioner I am required by law to conduct an assessment of all presenting cases to determine suitability of the matter to proceed to mediation. If mediation is not appropriate I will discuss alternative options and provide you referrals to more suitable services.

More information on Family Dispute Resolution can be accessed at the Attorney Generals Website:

Information on parenting plans can be accessed at 

Family Dispute Resolution Service

Family Mediation options include : 

Face to face mediation 

Video or online conference mediation 


Phone mediation 

Shuttle mediation 

Regional and remote location services in QLD and NSW are available upon request. Please make contact to discuss your specific needs. 

After hours & week end appointments available

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