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Fees and Charges

All fees are payable in full at time of booking intake and/or mediation appointments

Mediation intake appointment fee1 hour; $160 + GST per party

Invitation to responding party fee $75 + GST (max of two invitations with at least one in written format)

Mediation fees can be paid by one party or shared between both parties depending on party arrangements

Mediation fees apply the same for both a children's matter or property matter. Children's and property matters are dealt within separate mediation sessions. 

Mediation fees are per party for a 3 hour mediation session: $1000 +GST


* Shuttle mediation fee per party for a 4 hour session: $1200 +GST

 Extended mediation time is charged at $350 + GST per hour or part thereof

Amendments to mediation agreements  $350 + GST per hour or part thereof

Section 60I Certificates issued for Children's matters $150 + GST. However mediation fees include this fee. However if a matter is deemed unsuitable and warrants issuance of a certificate then the fee of $150 + GST applies. 

Cancellation and refund Policy:

All cancellations incur an administration fee of  $75 + GST.

Booked mediation appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will not receive a refund. This includes where one or both parties fail to attend the booked mediation.

Booked mediation appointments cancelled with more than 24 hours notice will incur a cancellation fee of $700

Booked intake appointments that are cancelled or failure to attend with less than 24 hours notice will not receive a refund or credit. 

Booked meditations will be cancelled by the practitioner is one or more parties fail to arrive within minutes of the appointment time. The cancellation policy will apply and parties will need to re book for mediation and pay the required fees. 

Professional mediation time is in high demand and without adequate cancellation notice the mediators time cannot be reallocated to another client. 

*shuttle mediation may be a more appropriate option than joint party session mediation and your mediator will discuss this option at intake. Shuttle mediation requires each party to be in separate rooms.

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